Introduce our Mango Collagen Jelly!!

Today, we introduce our Mango Collagen Jelly!!

Mango Collagen Jelly (15g×30sachet)

Mango Collagen Jelly (15g×30sachet)

Towards the exquiste skin with jelly of fish,
the king of collagen!!

~Easy-to-take, with the stick type jelly.

low monocular fish collagen

uses low monocular fish collagen
to penetrate.

One box contains 15000 mg collagen!

It’s delicious!!

Collagen jelly

Collagen jelly

With the popular taste of mango especially among young female,
it’s a delicious dessert while taking nutrition.

You can continue to take this collagen jelly easily!!

Support for your beauty


Amino acid, Vitamins, EPA/DHA, Protein…
This collagen jelly contains many nutriention facts!

DHA/EPA are also helpful to keep your beauty,
protein is source of constructing collagen,
amino acid peptide support the absorption of collagen into your body
and vitamin promote metabolism.

Try our stick type of Mango Collagen Jelly!!

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