“Featured products!!”Sakura volcanic ash soap

Sakura volcanic ash soap

Sakura volcanic ash soap

Volcanic ash

People in Kagoshima who have found Volcanic Ash’s secret.
They used volcanic ash (Shirasu) to polish cutlery,
the dish/plates shines more while hands which washes them gets smoother.

We use only high quality and fine grained volcanic ash.
Volcanic ash as main ingredient for powerful cleansing!!

How does it work?

Ultrafine particle(contains mineral)

We succeeded to make into micro particles of Shirasu.
Sakura volcanic ash soap can be used for all skin types.
Contains moisturizing ingredients” Prunus yedoensis leaf extract”.
Absorbing the dirt in the pores with the smooth creamy lather
made from micro particles of Shirasu.

Try this powerful face soap!!

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