Introduce our Silky Veil – Ururun Hydrating Moisture Gel!!

Today, we introduce our “Silky Veil – Ururun Hydrating Moisture Gel” .

Silky Veil Ururun Hydrating Moisture Gel is aall-in-One type gel for lotion, milk, serum, cream,whitening and makeup base.

Silky Veil Ururun Moisture Gel 100g  Featuring LITHOSPERMUM OFFICINALE ROOT EXTRACT.

LITHOSPERMUM OFFICINALE ROOT EXTRACT, to promote the skin metabolism and blood circulation, while diluting the senile plaques and stains, towards the transparent beautiful skin!.




sam02A variety of herbal extractsgiving moisture, elasticity and transparency to the skin. One for five – lotion, milk, serum, cream, and makeup base.

This gel is PERFECT for you who – like natural ingredient – don’t have time in the morning – is lazy to do daily skin care.

Try our Silky Vail – Ururun Hydrating Moisture Gel to solve your problems!!