Young Barley Grass Juice Powder(Omugi Wakaba)!!

Young Barley Grass Juice Powder is nutritive and fresh!!
Ohmugi Wakaba is the part of a young leaf of the barley which belong to grass family.
It is vegetable which contains a wealth of minerals, vitamins, potassium, calcium, SOD, anemia-preventing iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc.


We use fish collagen formed into the low-molecular for our Young Barley Grass.
Fish collagen is extracted from fish skin and scales, and different from animal collagen.
Features of fish collagen・・・
–less impurities such as the fat.
–low-calorie .
–There are few allergic reactions.
–Superior safety.

Also, honey is added!!

◆ Young Barley Grass Juice is a daily diet that tend to be lacking in vegetables to easily take.
◆ It is also combined with beauty components; fish collagen and minerals.
◆ Easier than normal vegetables to take!

Net weight 3g×60Sachets(180g)
Made in Japan